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Are you looking for something different when it comes to redecorating your home? If you want to make a real splash, the Venetian plastering Manchester is just what you’re looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about this plastering style, and how it works.

What Is Venetian Plastering Manchester?

venetian plastering ManchesterDespite the name, it wasn’t the Venetians that first came up with this plastering style. It was first developed all the way back in ancient Egypt, perfected by the Romans, and then given its name by the Venetians. However, you may also hear it being referred to as polished plaster.

This plastering style is designed to look just like polished marble, without the cost and difficulty of installing real marble. It gives a very smooth and polished look that you can use pretty much anywhere in your home. It’s actually very popular in upscale establishments, such as hotels, restaurants and even casinos. That’s thanks to the luxury look that it brings you, for just a fraction of the price.

Polished plaster Manchester is traditionally made with lime and marble dust, although these days there are plenty of synthetic ingredients that can give you the same look.

Why Choose Polished Plaster Manchester?

There are lots of reasons why you may want to use polished plaster Manchester in your next home decorating project. What is it that makes it so special?

venetian plaster ManchesterNo need for painting: When you use regular plaster on a wall, you’ll need to paint it in order to finish the look of the room. Plus, over time you’ll need to repaint it, in order to keep it looking good and avoid the ageing process. With polished plaster though, you won’t need to do that. Most plasters use a pigment so you can get the colour you desire. Once it’s on the wall or ceiling, it’ll stay that colour for as long as you want it too. It’s great if you don’t want to keep painting certain spaces.

Perfect in bathrooms and kitchens: Are you look for a good way to decorate high moisture areas, like your bathroom or kitchen? Tiles are the traditional choice, but Venetian plastering Manchester is another great way to update these rooms. The plaster is moisture resistant, so you can apply it to the walls in here and protect them from water damage.

High luxurious look: Who wouldn’t want to be able to decorate their home in real marble? However, it’s out of the price range of most home owners. With polished plaster though, you can get the same look at a fraction of the price. The plaster is mixed with pigments to give you the same colouration and patterning as marble, so you can have the look pretty much anywhere you want it. Most people won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Scratch resistant surfaces: While the look of Venetian plastering Manchester looks smooth, you’ll see that up close it has has lots of dents in the surface. This makes it very much resistant to scratching and other surface damage that comes about in every day life. It’s a great option if you want to ensure you don’t have to keep touching up the walls.

Easy to clean: Venetian plastering is also easy to take care of because it’s so easy to clean. Once it’s installed, it has a waxy sheen that makes it so simple to wipe clean without damaging the surface. Want an easy way to clean down your walls? Maybe have pets or kids and spills and dirt are a part of life. With this plastering method, you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

Breathable: When you paint a room, you’ll find that air can’t flow through it to the wall behind it. That creates a seal that can lead to more problems down the line. If you want something that discourages the development of mould and moisture, then polished plaster Manchester is the way to go. It allows air through, so it can stay dry.

Decided that polished plaster Manchester is for you? Then you’ll need to get in touch, so we can give you a free quote. It’s more affordable than you’d think, and you can make your home look amazing.


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