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Is the outside of your home looking tired and dated? Are you looking for ways to improve its curb appeal? If so, then rendering Manchester could be for you. This plastering method gives your home a finish that makes it look as good as new. Here’s everything you need to know about the service we can provide to you.

What Is Rendering Manchester?

K-Rend ManchesterRendering, which is sometimes referred to as k-rend Manchester, is the process of applying a plastered finish to your home’s exterior. It’s a process that’s done in a very similar way to internal plastering, as it needs to be done quickly and cleanly to get the desired look. Because of this, it’s usually best that experts are used to apply the finish and create the finish that you’re looking for.

Types Of Rendering

When it comes to k-rend Manchester, there’s actually a few different types that you can use. Here are the methods available to you:

Cement render: This is the most common method available to home owners, and one of the best. It’s cheaper than other methods, although you will still need to pay for the labour involved here. You can paint this finish to the colour you desire, but be aware that it will need regular repainting to look good. Also, it can crack if the structure should ever move.

Polymer render: These are similar to cement renders, except that they incorporate polymers in them that help reduce cracking. They come in several different colours too, so you shouldn’t need to paint it to keep it looking good.

Acrylic render: This is a render that isn’t actually used on its own. Instead, a thin layer is applied over existing rendering. It’s designed to enhance the appearance of the render, by adding colour and texture to it. It has fibres in it that help prevent cracking, too.

Silicone render: This is a render that has a longer life span than others on the market. It’s more resistant to cracking, and is even claimed to be self cleaning. When it rains, dirt is supposed to be washed off the silicone surface.

Rendering ManchesterMonocouche render: This is a newer rendering style, but it’s become popular for home owners looking for rendering Manchester. Monocouche is French for ‘single layer’, and as the name implies, it only needs a single layer when applied to your home. It’s also through coloured, so you won’t have to worry about painting the walls afterwards. However, it does tend to be a lot more expensive than other options.

 Lime render: On the other end of the scale, lime rendering is one of the oldest rendering methods out there. It’s the perfect option for older homes, as it’s what was very commonly used in the past. It creates a perfect finish, and is more breathable than cement so can avoid moisture being trapped in the wall. Again, this is more expensive than regular k – rend Manchester methods, and will need to be regularly coated with lime wash. 

Benefits Of Rendering Manchester

Why look into rendering for your home? It helps your home in more ways than you can imagine:

Improve the look: This is the main reason why home owners use rendering in their home renovation projects. If you’re trying to improve the look of the home for sale, then rendering can breathe new life into it. A good rendering job will be fresh, clean and smooth, ready for you to enjoy.

Combine with external wall insulation: In the UK it’s standard to include cavity wall insulation in buildings. If you don’t have it in your building though, you can use external wall insulation to keep heat in. This includes insulation layers, meshes and a top coat of rendering. It gives you that fresh new look, as well as insulating your home.

Protection from the elements: Over time, the walls of your home will be weathered as they’re exposed to the elements. With a good quality render though, you can stop rainwater penetrating the walls and make it much more hardy.

If you’re interesting in k – rend Manchester, give us a call today. We can help you apply an excellent render that makes your home look as good as new.


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