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When it comes to home improvements, Plastering Manchester is one that should always be left to the experts. When you get an expert to do it, you’ll have a beautifully smooth surface ready for painting, wallpapering or any other way you want to decorate it. If you try it yourself without experience, you could well end up with an uneven wall which is not the look you’re going for.

What goes into the process of plastering a wall, and why do you need an expert to handle it for you? Here’s everything you need to know about plastering Manchester, and why we’re the professionals to do it for you.

How Plastering Manchester Works

Plasterer ManchesterHow is plastering usually applied to walls? Whether you’re plastering a brand new wall or repairing an older wall, you’ll usually use a process called float and skim Manchester. This is the most common practice that plasters will use in a home or office, as it’s very easy to decorate afterwards. Walls plastered with the float and skim method will take more wallpaper adhesives and paints with ease, so you can create the look you’re going for.

To start with this method, the walls may need to be prepared. If you’re working with bare plasterboard, you won’t actually need to do anything other than ensure the screws are sunk below the surface of the board. If you’re working with previously plastered surfaces, the walls will need to be treated with PVA.

The name float and skim Manchester comes from the tools used to apply the plaster to the wall. The tool that you use to spread plaster is called a ‘float’, and is used to skim the plaster on.

Applying the plaster looks easy but takes a lot of practice. The float needs to be kept at an angle, and it needs to applied as fast as possible. Once all the plaster is on the wall, then it needs to be allowed to dry just enough to allow for it to be flattened and smoothed out. Again, it needs to be allowed to dry some more, and then it’s polished to the perfect finish.

The Benefits Of Float And Skim Manchester 

Why go for float and skim for your plastering Manchester? There are lots of reasons why you may want to consider it.

Easily decorated: As mentioned above, it’s very easy to decorate walls plastering in this method. You’ll be able to decorate your home in any manner you choose, without restrictions.

Quick to do: Plastering is a skilled job, but once a plasterer has the skill to do so, they can get the job done quickly. That ensures you won’t be without the use of a room for long, and you can start decorating within a couple of days at most.

Done in one visit: Even better, float and skim Manchester is usually done in just one visit. This will help you get the work done quickly and efficiently, something you want when you’re working on a renovation projection. It’s perfect for minimising disruption and allowing you to move on to the next step of your project.

Why Hire Us For Plastering Manchester

Plastering ManchesterWhen you need plastering, call on us at KP Plastering Manchester to handle the work for you. We have a full team of experienced plasters, ready and waiting to handle your plastering jobs for you. As we only hire the most experienced plasters, you know that your walls are in safe hands with us.

We’ll come and give you a free no obligation quote for the work, so you can get an accurate idea of pricing before you hie anyone for the work. Our services are highly affordable, and you’ll get an excellent finish with the work we do.

If you want to know more about us, you can check out our reviews to see what we’ve done for other customers in the city. You’ll soon see that we offer the best plastering services out there.

Get in touch today for a quote on your plastering job. We’ll give you an accurate price, and we’ll be able to plaster your walls perfectly, ready for you to take the next step in your home or office renovation project.





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