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When it comes plastering, there’s actually several different ways you can do it. You’ll have heard of dry lining Manchester, but is it the right kind of plastering for your home or business? Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

What Is Dry Lining Manchester?

Commercial Dry Lining ManchesterThe method of plastering you’ll be familiar with is wet plastering, where plaster is mixed up and applied onto the walls. It then needs to dry, but once it’s dry you’ll be able to decorate the walls as needed.

Dry lining Manchester, also known as plaster boarding, is a way of plastering walls without having to wait for the plaster to dry. Instead of plastering the walls and waiting for them to dry, you’ll have plasterboards ready and waiting to be installed directly onto the wall. These boards are essentially pre made plaster, and so can go directly onto the wall. They can be affixed in several different ways, such as screws or nails, or specialist adhesive.

How Dry Lining Is Installed

How is plaster boarding Manchester installed? It’s a simple process that shouldn’t take too long to complete. Plasterboards are brought in and simply fitted to the wall, as needed. Before the boards are applied, you have the option to install insulation behind them. This is always a good option, if you want to keep your home warmer and save on energy bills.

Once the boards are applied, the joints between them are finished off with joint tape and a sealing compound to give the wall a smooth finish. They’ll also be sealed with a primer, so they’re ready to paint or paper as needed.

The Benefits Of Plaster Boarding Manchester

When it comes to plastering your building, why should you choose plaster boarding Manchester? There’s many reasons why it could be perfect for you:

Apply boards on almost any wall: There’s a wide array of surfaces that you can use plasterboard on with ease. They can go on regular walls in your home, as well as brick, masonry, and wood. This gives you a lot of flexibility, so you can plaster walls that you thought you couldn’t before.

Dry Lining ManchesterNo waiting around: When you use wet plastering, there’s a wait of around 24 hours as you wait for the plaster to totally dry. That’s not very long at all, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for it. If that’s the case in your renovation project, then dry lining Manchester may be just what you’re looking for. Once the boards are affixed to the wall and finished, they’re ready to decorate.

Variety in board design: Need some plasterboards for your next project? Then wherever you’re working, you can find plasterboard that works for you. It comes in all kinds of sizes and thicknesses, so it can be used in pretty much any room you can imagine.

Specialist boards for every room: Want to redecorate a bathroom? Then you can use dry lining for that. There are special boards you can get that are moisture resistant. That makes them perfect, as they will help stop damage to the walls from water, such as mould and mildew. There are also plasterboards designed to reduce sound travel, and to keep heat in. Whatever you need, you’ll find plasterboard that suits you needs. 

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